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Canary Island of Tenerife: An Epic Outdoor Adventure on the Island of Eternal Spring

When asked about what they want to do when they grow up, children usually see themselves as doctors, firemen, lawyers, nurses or presidents. I used to say I want to live on my own island. Though I carried this thought my whole life, when I began traveling I focused mostly on wandering around the streets of the European cities, losing myself inside their museums and art galleries, and getting in touch with their bustling culture. Until two years ago, when I decided to move to Tenerife, a charming Spanish island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, closer to Africa than to Spain.


Warm Breeze, Salty Air and Water Adventures


Even though the main symbol of the island is Mount Teide, an active volcano and the highest point in Spain, Tenerife is the place everybody goes for its beaches. Whether you like golden-sand beaches, you prefer relaxing on the volcanic rocks or playing with the black sand, this piece of heaven has everything you can think of.


Some love the south of this island, but I prefer the less touristy north, even if the winter temperatures are usually lower. Most of the times I grab a book and relax on the golden sand of my favorite beach, Las Teresitas, a small piece of heaven located near the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. However, once in a while, I offer myself a “vacation”, forget my books at home and adventure into the wilderness of the ocean.


Water sports have never been cup of tea but how can you say “no” to them when you live in a surfers’ paradise? People from all over Europe fly to Tenerife to enjoy surfing and other water activities together with the locals, so there are many schools that can teach you, provide the equipment and offer you the time of your life.



(El Médano)


The best place for all kinds of surfing is El Médano, which happens to be my favorite village on the island. The small surfers’ village is always windy but extremely welcoming thanks to its incredible relaxed vibe. I love spending time in El Médano even when I am not in the mood for sport. I just love the inviting coffee shops and restaurants, as well as watching the surfers and the adventurous people landing on the sandy beach after their paragliding sessions.


But I am still an introvert and sometimes I want to run away from the busy beaches in order to recharge my batteries while getting in touch with the hidden mysteries of the ocean. That’s when I go to El Puertito and adventure myself into snorkeling. I love the calm sheltered waters, the hippie-like beach, and the charming family of sea turtle that settled here. El Puertito is one of the island’s hidden treasures.


(Mount Teide)


The Island Whispers: Log Off, Shut Down, and Go Outside

For those who don’t find joy in water activities, Tenerife has other surprises. With an incredible variety of vegetation, breathtaking views and well-guided trails, this is one of the most exciting hiking areas in the Canary Islands.


Whether you want to explore the Teide National Park and find out more about the volcano, or you want to become familiar with the beautiful area of Anaga, you will definitely have an unforgettable experience.


What I love most about hiking are the fabulous views. There is a deep pleasure in taking a morning hike and watching the sun rising and the clouds rapidly unveiling the ocean. These views fill with joy even the most skeptical soul!

(Masca Village)


And then, there are the mysteries that surround the islands. The legends told by the locals are amazing, but the mysterious spots are attracting travelers from all over the world. There is no way one can visit the island and not see the Pyramids of Güímar and learn about the theories of their creation. Whether they are the result of Freemasons’ effort as some say, or they are just the work of the farmers, the pyramids are a must-see for every curious visitor.


But these are just some of the outdoor adventures Tenerife offers. The island is also welcoming people who are passionate about golf, cycling, sailing, whales and dolphins watching, fishing, jet-skiing, paddling and many others activities.


All one needs in order to have the ultimate island experience is to open their minds, their eyes, their souls and embrace the adventurous beauty of Tenerife.

Ana is a passionate writer by day, an avid reader by night, an incurable traveler, an art enthusiast, and an absolute foodie.