• Beijing to Kathmandu

    Travelling on top of the world – Lhasa to Kathmandu Part II

    I was beginning to feel like I was trapped inside a Kafkan novel. Trying to get my head around the different layers of bureaucracy; feeling like I was making progress, but never really getting anywhere – there was even a castle of sorts sitting atop a hill in the centre of the city. Had the Bohemian drawn inspiration from this very place, I playfully began to wonder? I had been in Lhasa for almost a week now, and having finally managed to get my papers in order with regards the accommodation, I was now looking to make my way westwards again towards the Nepalese border.   My week here, in…

  • Beijing to Kathmandu

    Travelling on top of the world – cross country from Beijing to Kathmandu Part I

    Part 1 – Beijing to Lhasa Many had warned me in advance that it would be difficult getting in to Lhasa. Few of these people, however, had mentioned that the greater challenge would be getting out again – at least, that is, in a way that coincided with my planned itinerary, budget, and desire to stay on the right side of the authorities. It was no doubt naive of me to think that a land with so many challenges of its own would bend to the whims of a twenty-something western backpacker, but then a wiser traveller may not have attempted the route at all. It was this very naivety…

  • To the Batcave, Batman!

    Exploring the Batu Caves in Malaysia

    To the younger generation of today that would associate the word Cave with boredom and emptiness, I am here to change that! The place Batu Caves may sound foreign and unheard of but this underrated gem of nature is truly a sight to behold. I got the privilege of visiting the majestic caves located in Selangor, Malaysia about a fortnight ago.  Frankly, I was reluctant to drop by the caves on my short trip to Kuala Lumpur but was convinced by my friend – who is a local, to give the place a shot, and I have no regrets about it. A golden statue of the Hindu “God of War”…

  • Mountain Climbing

    Mountain Climbing Peruvian Style: The Trek of a Lifetime!

    I have done Salkantay Trek two times, and if there were no more amazing treks to do in Peru I would do it a third time without hesitating!   Unlike the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek can be done without a tour operator or even a guide. However, I would not recommend it if you are doing it for the first time, mainly for two reasons: Carrying your own things in very steep trails with altitudes going over 14,000 ft can get unbearable. Even though the route is well indicated you could get lost, and that is definitely not a good idea if you are in the middle of the Andes.…

  • The Weleful Wanderluster - Tanzania

    The Weleful Wanderluster: Travel Bliss in Tanzania – Part 1

    Isn’t it funny that hindsight only comes after we fully commit to something, once we fully live it and do it?   I think some people call it fate.   That when all these little decisions and small choices we make everyday somehow led you to this moment, in this place, reading this. That all these choices compounded over time, so seemingly insignificant then, effects us in ways we can never predict- until we’re where we are right now, looking back.   Because you never know the biggest day of you life is the biggest day.   I never realized it then, but I was staring it in the eye,…

  • Forest Trekking West Africa

    Trekking the Sambisa Forest – Viewing Remnants of a Boko Haram Enclave

    Slowly we walked through the deserted forest that used to be the stronghold of the menace the whole country faced.   With every step we took, you could hear the sound of crushed leaves and sticks wrapped in solitude. The atmosphere expressed dryness to our minds and bodies.   I could hear the various tweets and sounds of birds that also came back from exile to take solace on trees they once nested.   We were adorned in our white regalia, emblem on it – the prestigious red cross, walking through the forest like messiahs, yet we were not the true messiahs.  Because, when the destruction struck the hardest, we…

  • Chasing Dracula

    Navigating Rural Romania

    Let’s visit Romania together!  We can go either by train or car, you decide.  Either way there is so much waiting for us to explore.  Romania is one of those magical places with hidden gems everywhere.  The countryside and Old Town squares will transport you to a different time in history.  Equally, the modernization of the larger cities, such as Bucharest, will welcome you to a fabulous time in a beautiful Eastern European corner of the world. Let’s get started shall we! Here in Romania, you have two options to see the countryside as mentioned above: by train or by car.  The trains here are very slow moving, unlike the high…

  • Chasing Dracula

    A Visit to Poenari Castle

    At the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, lies one of medieval history’s oldest citadel’s that once housed a Wallachian Prince who would become one of Romania’s most notorious leaders, Vlad Tepes III.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a fascination with Count Dracula, and have also enjoyed many of the Grimm Fairytales and folklore. OK, if I’m being completely honest, my love of counts started when I was three years old with “Count von Count” from Sesame Street.  Later, I moved on to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and eventually onto learning the real life history of Vlad Tepes III.  Kermit the Frog was nice and all, but Count von Count really was…

  • Chasing the Vikings

    Chasing the Vikings – Series Coming Soon

    Chasing the Vikings: An anthology of one NP Explorers travels through Norway   Coming soon to the Native Pulse’s exploration site and spirit museum, I will be bringing you a series called “Chasing the Vikings” as part of my travels through the Artic Circle as we search for Viking remnants including Viking Age Settlements and villages, burial mounds, excavated Viking ships, Stave Churches, and much more from the time of the Norsemen.  Look for some GREAT Scandinavian information soon to come!

  • Cheers Lisbon!

    Taste Your Way Around Lisbon- The Ultimate Foodies’ Paradise

    Traveling taught me that, in order to understand a country’s culture, I need to do more than visiting its capital, seeing its main touristic attractions, and exploring its museums. Learning about its past, getting in touch with locals, engaging in their favorite activities, and indulging in their food are some of the things that can take me closer to the spirit of a place. But different places should be explored in different manners. And I came to the conclusion that tasting my way around Lisbon is the proper way to get an infallible grasp on the city and its inhabitants.   If I had one word to describe Lisbon from…