Climbing the Nigardsbreen Glacier in Northern Norway

As part of the “Chasing the Vikings” series, I will be leaving Oslo to head north into what could be called “Chasing the Glaciers”.  Although it is not hard to spot the many glaciers in Norway, there are well over a thousand of them and “chasing them” is hardly the right term since they move at a glacial pace (see what I did there!).  However, these glaciers are melting away at an alarming rate.  So, chase you must if you want to see them.  The glacier that I will be on a mission to climb is called the Nigardsbreen.  This glacier, which is an arm of the much larger Jostedalsbreen Glacier, will be gone in twenty years.  It is known for it’s beautiful blue ice caves, and is described by the Visitnorway.com website as having a “magical blue world under the Nigardsbreen glacier… where you can explore an icy kingdom, in all shades of blue.” Attaching some crampons to our boots and grabbing an ice axe, we will be ready to head up the glacier for a day of exploring.

Please check back later to witness the adventure!

April can be found reading, writing and curating anthropology material, and most often found wandering the halls of museums. She is an avid traveler having explored over 30 countries, and enjoys meeting the local people and eating traditional artisan dishes. April is the Director of Field Events for the Folk Fusion Organization, an organization who celebrates the contributions of cultures in society, and is one of Native Pulse's NP Explorers who has curated the "Chasing History" series.

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